Thy Kingdom Come 24 Hour Prayer Room

Join the global wave of prayer10th - 20th May 2018, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost


It will have with lots of creative and practical resources to help us pray for our community and world as well as grow in faith. The most common response we had from last year's prayer room was the "time flew" and " I felt closer to God"


This year we will have several open sessions each day(10am , 3pm and 8pm) where anybody can come without booking to pray quietly. All the rest of the sessions will bebooked closed sessions. In these booked sessions individuals or small groups can book a session and during their time in the prayer room they are free to pray as loudly or quietly as they wish in the knowledge that they are the only ones that will be in the prayer room for that hour. To help us with our planning the sooner people sign up the better. If you sign up and later find that you cannot make it please arrange your own swap or if you are struggling to swap contact the office or vicarage.