Riding Lights Roughshod: Deliver 8/6/18

ROUGHSHOD: DELIVER - 8th June 7.30pm


Five young people in search of their futures reveal some surprising stories of hope in their new faith-filled show for 2018.

A passenger on a train gets help from an unexpected stranger, a community is transformed by a shattering lesson, a small time crook gets an offer he can't refuse…

Mixing comedy, dramatic storytelling, spoken word and the personal experience of the actors themselves, Riding Lights Roughshod deliver a show that asks: what happens when God intervenes in ordinary lives?

Join our five performers for an energetic, entertaining show about faith, hope and everything in between. At St Francis Church, 8th June 7.30pm. Tickets are £7 (Children under 16 FREE), and can be booked by contacting the Church Office .

Email: admin.francisofassisi@gmail.com

Phone:  01302 538487