Integrate and Integrate EXTRA: Great for children and families

2nd and 4th Tuesdays in term time

Click here to get a taste of what Integrate is like:

Integrate May 3

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Integrate and Integrate EXTRA dates  Sept 2018 -July 2019

11th Sept, 25th Sept*, 9th Oct, 23rd Oct*, 13th Nov, 27th Nov*, 11th Dec, 8th Jan, 22nd Jan*, 12th Feb, 26th Feb*, 12th March, 26th March*, 9th April, 14th May, 11th June, 25th June*, 9th July
   *denotes Integrate EXTRA
The details:
 The first half:
Sports zone which will include table football, basketball shots, wii sports. 
Games zone will will include some games that can be played at tables
Creative zone: Where some craft ideas will be on offer, there will also be various materials to choose your own creations
Chill out zone:Relax and chat with a drink and biscuits
The second half:
Opportunity to do some activities together. This will include fun games  and activities together as we explore themes such as trust, hope, forgiving others etc
 Integrate with a meal that both chuldren and adults love eg) pizza, pasta bake, hot dogs..all served with salad!!
Integrate EXTRA
Integrate EXTRA starts with games, sports, craft area and chill out area and then for the second half we gather at tables for a 3 course meal interspersed with games and activities which help us explore faith and life
Age Range: Children:We have babies and toddlers right up to and including secondary school age children. Integrate is for the whole family! Parents, grandparents and even great grandparents are asked to stay at Integrate with the children where they are welcome to sit in the chill out area or join in with the crafts, sport and games. During the second half we all gather together as a community and adults join in and/or help the children to join in.