Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

At St Francis church there is no dress code. Some people come very smart in their "Sunday best" and some come very casually in jeans and a t shirt. You are welcome however you come!


Where should I sit?

You can sit anywhere in the main section or you can sit around one of several cafe tables at the back of church. 


What if I don't know what I believe?

We are all at different stages of the journey. Some people at St Francis have been Christians for decades and some have followed Jesus for just a few months. There are also some people who are part of our church who are exploring the faith and have not yet come to the place of making a commitment to follow the way of Jesus. So whatever stage you are on and whatever your level of knowledge and understanding of the things of faith you are welcome at St Francis.

What if I don't think I am good enough to come?

The good news of Jesus is that even though none of us are perfect he accepts us, forgives us and welcomes us! As a church we seek to demonstrate this attitude in the way that we welcome everybody whatever their background or life situation. We are all at different stages in getting our life sorted. None of us are perfect and we genuinely want to welcome people to join us on the journey of being forgiven and gradually learning to live a life that honours God more and more.