More about Children and Young People's groups

Younger Children: 

Under 5's Group

Parents or carers of children under 1 often prefer to keep  children with them in church and so we provide a mat with baby nest and age appropriate toys towards the back of church so that parents can feel part of the service and their baby has room to move. There is a dedicated room at the back of the church for under 5's where age appropriate toys and crafts are available and children can play together and also enjoy a bible story, song and craft. 


Junior Church

This group is active in learning and worship using all the senses. Children are made to feel welcome and there is some time to play and share news with each other and their leaders. They do some worship that is fun as well as meaningful. They learn about the Christian faith from the bible with a focus on understanding as well as application. The children also will be learning different ways to pray. The leaders use stories, drama, crafts and games to help with the teaching and the fun of the group. 



Older Children :Distinctive

This group has its own identity and feel. The group is designed to be relevant to the needs of the young people and they have some input into the programme. 


Youth Growth Group

On the 4th Sunday of each month at 4pm a youth growth group meets for chill out, games, worship,prayer,  learning which applies faith to every day life and prayer followed by pizza!



On the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm youth gather for worship, teaching, prayer and some games.