Midweek Serices

Morning Prayer

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Join us each day in the chapel for  worship, Bible study and prayer.  We use the Church of England morning prayer service structure (https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-worship/join-us-in-daily-prayer.aspx). We seek to encounter God throught worship. We learn from God and each other as we study the Bible readings. Finally in our prayer times we use the readings, community prayer requests and suggested themes to pray for our community and world. You would be welcome to contribute or simply observe.  Mondays at 10.15, Tues, Thurs and Fri at 9.30am and Saturdays at 9am. On Wednesday at 9.30am we have a communion service.



Refuel Poster 

This is an hour in the middle of the week to rest, relax and be refreshed as we spend time with God together. Refuel starts with a reading from the Bible a few words of encouragement. After an opening prayer while beautiful music plays there is time and space to rest with God as we invite his Spirit to fill us with his peace and love. After about half an hour of rest and relaxation people are invited to share with others some of the ways God has helped them and encouraged them. Finally there is an opportunity to receive prayer ministry in a gentle and loving way.