As we gather Sunday by Sunday we seek to get to know each other more and grow together in faith. However, it is in smaller groups that relationships deepen and strengthen. To get to know people better join a group.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are places of welcome, care and mission.

We aim to grow in faith, fun, friendship, prayer, support and love for one another.

The Structure of groups is:

  • Welcome ( time to get to know each other)
  • Worship (this may involve listening to music, reflection, thanksgiving etc)
  • Word (Bible or theme based learning together with a focus on application)
  • Witness (a time of prayer and mission focus)

At no point will a leader put anyone on the spot and nobody will be forced to read or pray out loud.

Choose a Group!

Unity Growth Group: 4th Monday of the Month 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Leaders: Mary Peglar and Pat Hilson

Ichthus Growth Group: First and Third Tuesdays from 7.30pm

Leaders: Mavis Lovell and Margaret Jackson

Emmaus Growth Group: First and Third Tuesdays from 7.30pm

Leaders: John and Dawn Stones

Mustard Seed Growth Group: First and third Tuesdays from 2.00pm

Leaders: Elizabeth Hallam and Barbara Cash

Explore Growth Group: First and Third Thursdays from 8pm

Leaders: Peter and Tracey Anderton

Tapestry Growth Group: First and Third Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Leaders: Paul Hart and Aurora Bracelli 

Lamplighters 3rd Thursdays at 8pm (Focus: Supporting 40 to 60's in the workplace, home or community)

Leaders: Liz and Martin Gibson

Tims (Young Adults Growth Group): Wednesdays

Leaders: Corin McCann and Tom Goodman

Embers Growth Group:Every 1st Sunday at 4pm (Plus boys and girls groups on 3rd Sundays)

Leaders: Annabel and Matt Stott 

For details of venue and leaders contact details ask at church, phone 01302 538487 or email